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Meet our team

Damani Jones

Founder, Biohacker, Ex-Biopharmaceutical Entrepreneur

Jocelyn Mejia

Head of Design & Fellow Faster

Old Jocelyn

Our motivator:)

What was the reason for starting The Fasting Box? 

The real reason/what started it all is the fact that my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer when I graduated highschool and none of it made any sense to me. 

She would wake up at 5 and 6AM to head to the gym to get her daily run and workout in, then eat a light breakfast, have some coffee, and head to work. 

She never smoked, rarely ever drank, had an active job as a physical therapist assistant, and was just an overall active person. 

One of her BIGGEST feats was getting the entire household into eating salads with her (Note: Google "Woman Laughing with Salad" and that would accurately depict her. Google "Grumpy Cat" and that accurately depicted the rest of us).

She was, by far, THE healthiest person in the family. 

So when she was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2010, nothing made sense. She remained in great condition for years after that. But fast forward a few years and I was just a community college student that didn’t know exactly what he wanted to major in due to the bleak outlook of the job market and the seemingly tiny window to explore all of my options. 

Her condition became much more severe to the point where my dad and I were always taking her to chemotherapy and we watched how this lady who used to run up and down the stairs lost the ability to walk...then the ability to breathe, as we hooked her up to oxygen tanks...then the ability to drink. 

From a straw.

It was incredibly disturbing to watch it all happen. 

It permanently broke my dad. 

At this point in time, I felt that all I could really do was research. That was my specialty. 

So, I began to do research on cancer and cancer treatments every single day. Filtering through the top science journals, reading meta-analyses, assessing researcher's conclusions,  searching for dis-confirming evidence...I became a full-time researcher.

She had a friend that would come over with naturopathic remedies and smoothie recipes and, my dad wasn’t a huge fan of her because she would hog a lot of the time with my mom -- but I noticed how a lot of the time she spent with my mom was also spent doing RESEARCH. 

While my mom was laying down, her friend would be on the laptop reading nutrition research out loud to her. 

THIS astonished me. 

THIS is what I would want a friend to do for me if I was getting closer to being on my death bed. 

Look for alternative solutions. Alternatives to incredibly painful and debilitating chemotherapy.  

But that’s when I began to delve into research about chemotherapy...and I read up about “fasting” and its ability to protect healthy cells from radiation. (Updated article here)

I noticed that on days where my mom wasn’t eating, she had MUCH more energy, to the point where she could sometimes get up and walk with her oxygen tank - but of course, doctors told her to eat continuously. 

All other things equal, such as when she would go to sleep, how much medication she would take, and what she ate, the fact remained:

Whenever she ate, she was a vegetable. Whenever she fasted, she was stronger. I had never seen anything like it. 

In 2011, I began to randomly test this myself and thus, my journey began...


On my own fasting journey, my results varied - up until I finally committed to hundreds of hours of research and relentless daily application. 

After 6 years of daily 14-18 hour intermittent fasting, this deep dive resulted in my fasting for upwards of 20 hours every single day for over a year. 

The results have been INCREDIBLE

I now have MUCH more energy on a daily basis.

I feel at peace with myself. 

To have the energy to do what I want to do, to have the body that I’ve always wanted, to think and speak so clearly -- it all came from tapping into this ancient tradition of fasting and making it work in the modern day

I helped Jocelyn lose 80lbs in 9 months and now, for the first time in her life, she’s NOT FAT.

She is the most athletic she has ever been and she can out-lift most girls AND guys (come on, guys!). 

Now that's what I call a lean, (cute and friendly), fighting machine! 


Fasting kept my mom alive long enough for her to impart some important life lessons to me. 

Fasting saved my girlfriend from a life of poor metabolic fitness and never feeling good in her body. 

Fasting saved me from depression and granted me the energy and discipline to follow through with my dreams.

My goal is to get as many people back in tune with their bodies as possible. 

If I could prevent just one person from suffering like my mom, this would be a success.

The Fasting Box is my vehicle for this new opportunity. 

It doesn’t matter how you were mislead to believe in all of these fad diets, because now you know that the wisdom of the ancients has a place in today’s world. 

For better metabolic health, for weight loss, for strength development, and for longevity - the secret has been within you all along.

What makes The Fasting Box different?

The Fasting Box is birthed from empirical evidence surrounding anti-aging products and compounds, as well as my own experimentation with those products. 

Most treat the human body like a “black box” where they consume innumerable products and toxins that have detrimental LONG-TERM ramifications that science has yet to point out and understand. We DO NOT promote this with full backing. 

That is why, UNLIKE ANY OTHER SUBSCRIPTION BOX, The Fasting Box provides minimal products that have “unknown long-term” side-effects.  

We have watched how our friends and family have struggled tirelessly with their nutrition, obsessing over new trends, falling prey to consumerist tendencies. We want to simplify an important aspect of health and help 1,000,000 people live lives they are truly proud of.

At the end of the day, our hope is that The Fasting Box will simplify a complex part of people’s lives (nutrition) and provide you with more time, energy, and mental calmness, to get as much enjoyment out of all the other realms of life (career, family, spirituality) as possible. 


Are you ready to live your best life?